Automotive Certification Agency

Our company, Automotive Certification Agency can provide a professional homologation and type approval for full volume services. We can provide assistance with official documentation, arranging vehicle testing facilities, vehicle and certification testing, supporting technical discussions, worst case selections, project planning and cost reduction project.

Our considerable experience over many years can be used to provide assistance with many vehicle approval processes meeting ECE, ADR and National Type Approval as requested.

We can arrange emission, brake test or noise test with and without certificate issued by witness authority. Due to headcount limitation we can only deal with VCA and TUV.

We can also offer guidance with single vehicle type approval, many local type approval programs for Asian Pacific region such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia.

We can arrange importation of vehicle into Australia on behalf of the registered manufacturers under Engineering / Marketing evaluation scheme in line with the Australian Administrator board circular 0-4-8.

Our experience over the years has provided the opportunity to work with and be familiar with many of the world’s vehicle approval agencies and test facilities such as the UK Vehicle Certification Agency, TÜV Germany and DOTARS Australia.

We can assist and provide assistance in Conformity of production including Desktop audit initiated by DOTARS.

Experienced with working on confidential projects, strictly adhere to Non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

Our specialty covers: